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Who We Are

We are a community of service providers who know the value of this practice and the way it heals our hearts, minds, and bodies.
We are simply sharing what we have received.
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Bethanie Meredith

Founder & President

"Trauma-informed yoga teachers are doing important work and this organization is here to support the community. Some people will never go to a yoga studio for so many reasons.
It doesn't matter why... but these people are the ones we’re serving because they don’t know this practice is for them, too.

The addicted, the neglected, the grieving, the marginalized, the afflicted, the depressed, the unsure … these are the ones who would NEVER come to a yoga class, so we’re bringing it to them…

Many people have already received the services of H.A.T.H.A. over the years before this organization was born - when it was just me - serving in my own community..." 
Bethanie Meredith
Founder & President

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H.A.T.H.A. is currently serving and supporting practices in 3 U.S. states with experienced, trauma-informed yoga teachers. Would you like to join the team or is your organization in need of services?
Return to the HOME page to apply.

Our Organization is led by:
Bethanie Meredith - President, Founder
Glenn Meredith - Vice President, Logistics Manager, Director
Sally McAteer - Secretary, Director
Kerri Prislipsky - Compliance Director
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