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Teaching People, through the practice of yoga, to connect their heart, soul, mind, and strength with their Healing Creator

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What is H.A.T.H.A. Yoga?

Yoga is the sacred traditional practice of intentional “yoking” or connecting,
using the breath, mind, and body.
Any form of postural yoga is simply defined as the practice of aligning the body combined with breath work and mindful intention of reliance on your Higher Power; otherwise referred to as
The Divine, Yahweh, or God.

Yoga was developed for and is dedicated to facilitating the experience of recognition and celebration of that connection with a Higher Power.
In H.A.T.H.A.
(Healing At The Hands of Almighty)
yoga practice, all people are invited to align (or yoke) their heart, soul, mind, and strength with their Healing Creator, Almighty.

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Who is H.A.T.H.A. Yoga for?

Men, women, and children of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners, are welcome and will receive great benefit. This practice is right for anyone looking to combine the numerous and proven health benefits of a yoga practice with inspirational teachings and non-denominational prayer. This yoga experience is a time of intentional honor and connection to your Higher Power practiced alongside breath and motivational music. It is an experience that teaches us to take time to love, nurture, accept, heal, and grow ourselves in mind, body, and spirit.

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